Issues & Policies

Prioritizing Economic Recovery

Our economy has been severely impacted by COVID-19, affecting South Shore residents in ways we could have never imagined. As families struggle to pay bills and the future remains uncertain, we need elected leaders who understand small business and will ensure that government is making impactful decisions that support economic recovery.

Economic recovery is not a political issue -- it's a matter of getting the South Shore the financial support we need and ensuring people can return to safe and healthy workplaces. We need to give our local and regional economies the same sort of support and attention as Massachusetts's biggest employers. When elected, I will work closely with small businesses owners, regional stakeholders, and local elected officials to give our towns a voice in this recovery.

My economic recovery agenda includes:

• Utilizing the State's bulk purchasing power to create discounted ways for small businesses looking to purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff and employees.

• Establishing a South Shore Economic Recovery Commission, bringing together industry leaders, small businesses, and State and Local government to give the South Shore a voice in economic recovery.

• Advocating for a Small Business seat and Labor seat on the Commonwealth's Reopening Advisory Board.

• Protecting Local Aid funding to Towns to prevent layoffs and mitigate budget cuts.

• Creating a Massachusetts Small Business Recovery Council to expedite regulatory action for smaller, niche industries.

• Pushing for clear and specific guidelines and directives in preparation for a potential resurgence in COVID-19 cases in the fall so businesses can focus on planning and preparedness measures.

Now is the time for immediate and decisive action. I look forward to working alongside you to make it happen.

Supporting our Veterans

It is important for us to go beyond thanking our Veterans for their service and to actively show our support by welcoming them back into our communities and providing them with the tools and resources that they need for long-term success. It’s simply the right thing to do for these brave men and women. No Veteran should have an unmet critical need because of political red tape and bureaucracy.

I know first-hand the positive impact that access to Veterans’ benefits can have on a person’s livelihood, health, and success. As Selectman, I advocated and, as a result, received funding for a dedicated Veterans Services Officer in Hanover to support my fellow servicemen and women. I will continue to be a strong and active ally to the men and women who have served this country.

My Veterans platform includes:

  • Increasing funding for local Veterans Services offices, while identifying opportunities for proactive outreach to Veterans and Tri-Town collaboration in order to best assist Veterans and their spouses in identifying available benefits and resources;

  • Advocating for Veterans’ education, training, and employment so that our Veterans can find not just a job, but a long-term career opportunity;

  • Raising the visibility of networking organizations that foster Veterans’ communities, so that they can share common experiences, bolster personal and career development, and provide support to one another;

  • Identifying successful programs, like the Veterans Treatment Courts for non-violent offenses, which have reduced the rate of repeat offense by half compared with non-program Veterans, by recognizing the unique life experiences of our servicemen and servicewomen and helping them to address these challenges in meaningful ways;

  • Creating stricter oversight measures and safety protocols to ensure our Veterans living in Soldier’s Homes and long-term care facilities are receiving the health services they deserve;

  • Increasing the Massachusetts Welcome Home Bonus for service members returning from active duty.

Let's give our Veterans the appreciation and support that they deserve.

Supporting our First Responders

Each and every day, our brave men and women serving as first responders and in law enforcement risk their lives to keep our communities safe and healthy. From their front line work in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, saving lives from the opioid epidemic, assisting neighbors in need, fighting fires, responding to medical emergencies, and doing so much more, we are grateful for their selfless service.

I served with many first responders in the Marines, and I am proud to have stood with our first responders and law enforcement in Hanover. I will continue to be a strong and active ally to the men and women who serve the residents of our towns.

My First Responders and Law Enforcement Platform includes:

  • Providing priority testing and adequate PPE to keep our first responders on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic safe and healthy;

  • Guaranteeing benefits to public safety employees with pre-existing conditions;

  • Supporting State budgeting measures that creates a dedicated funding stream for police training and modernizing equipment for our law enforcement professionals, including a centralized training location with uniform professional standards;

  • Funding grants to purchase equipment (including access to extractors in every firehouse) and advocating for measures that protect the health of our first responders from occupational risks, minimizing firefighters' exposure to carcinogens and reducing the overwhelming health impacts of the job;

  • Updating Injured on Duty law and occupational presumption for first responders to address potential COVID-19 exposure;

  • Continuing to protect collective bargaining rights and oppose efforts to eliminate qualified immunity for our first responders;

  • Reforming Civil Service to fix outdated promotional exam processes and preserving Veterans' preference.

As State Representative, I will fight tirelessly to give those who serve the resources, training, and respect that they deserve.

Building a Green Economy

Massachusetts should be a national leader in environmental sustainability – building a thriving green economy, reducing carbon emissions, and mitigating sea level rise and other impacts from climate change. We must be focused on investing in the Massachusetts green economy to create jobs and promote sustainability.

My “Good for Our Environment; Smart for Our Communities” policy platform is a series of initiatives aimed at addressing environmental issues of concern to Tri-Town communities, supporting the Commonwealth’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2050, and growing Massachusetts’s green economy.

This policy includes:

  • Create thousands of new jobs and careers by cutting red tape and prioritizing expedited permitting for local renewable energy projects, including offshore wind and solar, and incentivizing green employers to base in Massachusetts to anchor a new economic sector;

  • Improve water infrastructure to support the long-term sustainability of our towns and ensure that our water is clean, available, and affordable for all residents by working with local officials in the Tri-Town communities on near- and long-term planning;

  • Work with local, State, and Federal agencies to secure additional funding for the cleanup of the Hanover Fireworks site;

  • Expand access to local renewable energy for both residents and businesses by:

      • Identifying incentives available through the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program and other agencies;

      • Lobbying for residential solar incentives to improve the affordability of solar power;

      • Implementing a plan for broader adoption of solar energy use across our towns;

  • Develop a State program that facilitates energy audits on municipal buildings and schools to help cities and towns implement changes that will save taxpayers money and reduce carbon emissions;

  • Transition the State’s non-emergency vehicle fleet to electric and hybrid and leverage the State’s purchasing power to enable towns to shift their fleets to create long-term taxpayer savings and reduce CO2;

  • Protect our beaches and coastal communities from the long-term impact of climate change on sea levels through effective collaboration with the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management in local preparedness, planning, and mitigation.

By strategically implementing good environmental policy, we can save taxpayers money, drastically reduce our carbon footprint, and create thousands of jobs in new industries.